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HSD to 'respect, trust, shaping people' as a corporate philosophy of talent, in order to keep people, educating people. Business success is the outcome of the whole team collaboration, personnel development is the foundation for enterprise development.

Within the enterprise to establish a fair mechanism in order to achieve respect for people. HSD was a 'democratic' style, both in personnel appointment, compensation and benefits, employee incentives and other institutional or corporate face major decisions and adjustments are reflected in the collective views and wisdom. Business reflected in the personnel appointment 'to maximize the advantages and disadvantages minimized,' the use of personnel; with regular new employee visits, the activities of the group's internal operations and other projects, to build learning platform, create channels of communication.

HSD to 'establish a learning team' as a strategy to shape talent and thorough new employee orientation, diversification of job training, employee career and business development combine to achieve coexistence and win-win individual and overall development.

Enterprises designated for each member of a practitioner instructor to help them quickly familiar with the environment, the role of psychological barriers and pressure to convert to a healthy attitude into new work and life. HSD will uphold 'respect, trust, portrays' talent philosophy and the future, create brilliant.

Customer First

Customer is god

In either case we have to smile at customers, show respect and sincerity

In the principled basis, with customers like the way to treat customers

To think from the customer's standpoint, to balance the interests of the company and customers, looking for a win-win

Focus on customer needs, provide advice and consulting to help customers grow.


Shared shared, ordinary people doing extraordinary things

With an open mind to listen to the views of others, to express their views, frankly there is taboo

In operation work together, help each other, work together to promote team building

Fully express their views before decisions,, resolutely implement the decision after


Upbeat, never give up

Love the company, love of work, love of colleagues

Self-motivation, self-improvement

Dedication and drive team


Honest, what preaches

The courage to admit mistakes, the courage to take responsibility

Do not spread unconfirmed, do not talk behind

Open mind, not the person


Today, things do not push tomorrow, do not push yourself to others

Dedicated work, excellence

Continue to learn and improve, today's best performance is the minimum requirement of tomorrow