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HSDH low pressure foaming machine perfusion

First, to adapt to industry:

Soft foam cushions, pillows, mattresses, wood furniture, handicrafts and so on.

Second, characteristics:

1, can add calcium carbonate 500-4000 Head, melamine, talc, dry wood powder.

2, metering pumps: Use Taiwan powder special pump, wear resistance, measurement precision, quality and reliable.

3, the mixing head: new powder hopper valve, spit precise synchronization, non-blocking, and mix well.

4, System: microcomputer control, injection amount control point 999, and the temperature, pressure, speed, cleaning system.

5, container: sandwich insulation, SU304 stainless steel.

Third, the barrel volume: 60L / 110L / 220L

IV Introduction

1, applies to seat headrest categories: by adding a flame retardant powder and other powder ratio of raw materials in the same circumstances, can enhance the support strength of the product, lower raw material costs, reduce odor after stripping products;

2, used in rigid class technology products: By adding the powder, the raw material can improve the hardness of products, lower raw material costs, but the product surface finish will be reduced;

3, does not apply to foamed rigid wood products: by adding a flame retardant powder and other powders, can achieve a molded product surface to achieve unlimited design patterns, reduce processing technology, after forming a perfect grade wood products texture, nails, planing, sawing, anti-beat

V. Features:

Manufacturing process (1) high-pressure machine ensures excellent machine

(2) mixing mechanism is simple, inexpensive

Water cleaning (3) economic practicality

(4) The arm length tailored, can be rotated 360 ° convenience

(5) open architecture, clear, easy to maintain

Six advantages:

(1) easy to maintain (2) simple (3) easy to move

Seven parameters:

 Model Specifications Model metering pump speed / min maximum flow KG / min per power Total weight (tons)

GZ(Y)-30   VH30-0           470        30              

GZ(Y)-30   VH50-20          470        50              

GZ(Y)-80   VH80-20          470        80              

GZ(Y)-100  VH120-20          470       100      

GZ(Y)-120  VH120-30          470       120      1
GZ(Y)-150  VH150-50          470       150      1
GZ(Y)-180  VH180-50          470       180      1.5