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HSDH perfusion pressure foaming machine

Product Description

First, high-pressure foam cushion perfusion machine for material:

       Rigid, semi-rigid foam, leather, high-rebound, the slow rebound like.

Second, high-pressure foam cushion Filler Applications:

      Car interiors, car spoilers, seat, steering wheel, headrests, dashboards, insulation plates, filler, toys, fitness equipment.

Third, high-pressure foam cushion pouring machine features:

1, using the "L" type mixing head, dual nozzle can be effectively mixed viscosity of the material system V-shaped arrangement.

2, metering pumps used in Germany Rexroth variable A2VK high pressure metering pumps, metering accurate and durable.

3, holding tank use S304 stainless steel, sandwich thermostat, volume 120-250L, special specifications can be customized.

4, overseas branded electrical components, PLC control system easy to use.

5, high-pressure impingement mixing, solvent-free cleaning, cost, environmentally-friendly.

Fourth, high-pressure foam cushion pouring machine advantages:

1, easy to maintain and humane;

2. Any production and high efficiency;

3, good quality-price ratio;

4. The combination of high quality;

5, accurate measurement, accurate; 6, the components in the probe calibrated directly;

7, high mixing precision, repeatable and uniformity;

8, strictly control the precise components.

First, high-pressure foam cushion filling machine uses GZ (Y) series low pressure foaming machine, polyurethane foam tank foam injection equipment. The machine has two heater AB, two tank can hold 200 kg feed solution. AB feed pump utilizing automatic feeding.

Second, high-pressure foam cushion infusion machine is mainly use V, H series high-precision measurement of quantitative delivery pump A, B feed liquid, with no pulse, continuous feed, stepless adjustment can be performed characteristics, measurement precision, easy to adjust.

Third, high-pressure foam cushion infusion This machine uses three interlocking: three FireWire, without the zero line, and black and white interlocking material and the gas valve interlock.

Fourth, high-pressure foam cushion pouring machine is equipped with one air compressor (not included) displacement of 0.6Mpa-0.9Mpa3 can be produced in the gas pressure regulator to 0.6-0.8Mpa order production.

       High-pressure polyurethane foam machine is the latest generation of high-pressure foaming machine, the airplane is fully absorbed in the previous generations of models, optimize the design.

It uses a modular design, according to the specific needs of customers and to have the best cost-effective to build the machine, the scope is very wide.

The machine advanced technology, beautiful appearance, durable, open architecture, maintenance particularly convenient. Using the most advanced high-voltage secondary mixing tips: mixed, eliminating scrap loss, self-cleaning tips to save costs.