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Shoes series
HSDL-S Sole even help Molding Machine

A brief

HSDL-S Sole even help machine, the company is in the original production of polyurethane foam machine, based on the mixing head speed is increased from 4785rpm / min to 6500rmp / min, due to increased speed, the polyurethane material A and B feed The more uniform mixing, thereby further improving the internal structure and density of the article, thereby increasing the elasticity. Due to the speed increase, stirring continuously pouring in, pouring head is easy to heat pinhole dark bubble ills resulting products when, seriously affecting the quality of products. The equipment used to design and manufacture chillers, additional cooling system to solve the problem of pouring hot hair, not only to extend the service life and cleaning cycles, but also improves the quality of products.

Second, the main features:

1) Use the touch interface, automatic alarm help fault diagnosis, data visualization, easy to operate.

2) high-speed mobile shoot guns, high-speed electronic computing encoder control injection displacement, shifting rapidly, accurate positioning.

3) Dual speed proportional pressure control, precise control injection volume, to ensure stable production.

4) includes a lower mold removal function, convenient inserts.

5) have the mold cooling function, shorten finished cooling time and increase production.

6) were injected twice in independent production can be produced separately and simultaneously, without affecting product quality.

7) radiation port height can be adjusted to make up for the difference mold.

8) the use of direct pressure crank clamping, clamping force and stability.

9) molding has been under pressure of circumstances forming, can reduce burrs and product shrink.

10) using the plug-in assembly tooling, ensure fast and accurate.

11) using a special device that can adjust the difference in thickness of the mold.

12) plunger gun uses four temperature control, automatic lifting temperature exceeds the set temperature.

13) the organic machine, electricity, liquid triple protection devices to ensure safety.

14) can be assembled mold 420 × 420.

15) can be processed TR, TPU, PVC, TPR, and other raw products.

16) even with the help of special machines for the production of shoes and small plastic products.