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Sole even help forming foam machine, the company is in the original production of polyurethane foam machine, based on the mixing head speed is increased from 4785rmp / min to 6500rmp / min, due to increased speed, the polyurethane material A and B material mixing more uniform, thus further improving the structure and density of the article, thereby increasing the elasticity. Due to the speed increase, stirring continuously pouring in, pouring head is easy to heat pinhole dark bubble ills resulting products when, seriously affect the quality of products. The equipment used to design and manufacture chillers, additional cooling system to solve the problem of pouring hot hair, not only to extend the service life and cleaning cycles, but also improves the quality of products.


S PU foam machine.1 Division in the original production of polyurethane foam machine on the basis of the speed will be the first hybrid from 4785 rpm/min to 6500 rpm/min as speed improved and materials A and B polyurethane materials mixed more evenly distributed,thus further improving the internal structure of products and density,thereby enhancing flexibility.

Because of the speed increase,stirring continuously pouring in ,pouring the first easy fever resulting products behave pinhole dark bubble ills ,which has seriously affected the quality of products.

The equipment used design and manufacture the refrigerator,additional cooling systems,thermal hair pouring solve problems,not only extended service ife and cleaning cycle,but salso greatly enhance the quality of products.