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PU carpet equipment lines

Trolley line trolley line

For the production of semi-rigid or flexible polyurethane products, applicable to toys, handrails, artificial plants, and sporting goods.

Used in products of semi-rigid polyurethane software products.apply: Toys, handrails.

Disc pipeline Disk line

For the production of rigid, semi-rigid or flexible polyurethane products for motorcycle, car seat, steering wheel, armrest, refrigerator, insulation materials, wood furniture. Production of high resilience cold molded or plus soft foam filler production, high production efficiency, convenient, fast. Using intelligent digital display instrument type, temperature error of <± 1 degree.

Used in production of hard or semi-rigid polyurethane software products.

Apply: motorcycles, steam carcushion, the steering wheel, habdrails, refrigerators, insulation materials, furniture, etc.Fangmu.Health High-yield bombs cold soft foam packing increase the production.High efficiency, convenient, fast, intelligent use of the whole Figures show that instrument.The remperature error <± 1