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Planing machine


Planing areas planing machine belongs metalworking machine tools, which is made mounts, the movable seat, the transport mechanism of the institutions, pneumatic platen mechanism, screw drive mechanism and knife bodies, to the institution by a hydraulic motor, a gear , rack, rod, etc., of the steel body mounted on the movable seat, enabling steel sides have equal allowance, the amount of the utility model planing tool way up 6mm, and be able to carry out simultaneous bilateral steel fast planing with a high amount of planing, cutting efficiency and good groove roughness, etc., to ensure that the required bevel angle steel, and steel processing technology required size before molding


Planing machine, which is made mounts, the movable seat, the transport mechanism, pneumatic platen mechanism, screw drive mechanism and the tool holder body, compressed air station, hydraulic station and electric control system, etc., are attached to the screw drive mechanism fixed within the seat and movable seat, pneumatic platen mechanism attached to the underside of the crossbar, conveyor roller, output roller located at both ends of the side planing machine, characterized in that the body is made of hydraulic motors, gears, rack, rod and other components, steel the inside of the body of the beam on the moving seat.


In commissioning the production of high-frequency welded pipe production line, a number of adjustments attached to machines is critical, directly affect the quality of the finished product. Elaborate planing machine application and adjustment problems in high frequency welded pipe production line, mainly for analysis from the floating profiling and planing vertical roll through guides and controls the position of the strip in two ways. Planing machine is ERW auxiliary device, usually placed at the entrance profiled section before sending folder, its role is to strip edging the angled groove and blunt edges, so high in the production of thick-walled tubes frequency welder welding firm, improve product stability. 1! Strip floating and swing planing machine (Fig. 1) Compared with milling machine, with energy (passive planing), safe, etc.