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Seal series
HSDT seal machine

Target applications:

Industrial distribution box seals, lamps seals, automotive interior trim seals, engine seals.

A sealing strip for the automatic casting machine, which can be integral parts of the mixed material is poured into the cavity or recess at the set position, or directly in the casting mold in the plane of the workpiece, the foam by chemical reaction, so that from a liquid to a flexible gasket. Because it has no joints or cut end, and other types of seals for better sealing performance compared. Foam-forming of the gasket during curing will form a layer without any cracking of the outer layer of the epidermis, thus better equipped to dust sealing functions; and the ability and the final product surface ideal cohesiveness, it no longer needs to be a human glue stick and seal assembly processes, in addition to industry save a lot of costs, and live real-time Application of foam molding seal electrical control boxes, lighting, transportation and other aspects of the machinery manufacturing industry increasingly The more widely, it can leak, oil, water, vibration and noise abatement, a sealing and damping and other purposes. It and ordinary rubber seal, compared with many unique advantages ︰ linker bond with particularly strong, according to the requirements of flexibility to adjust its section (square or semi-circular), size or physical properties (hardness), etc. sources of raw materials, reliable, stable nature of the product, easy to streamline production patterns, can be mass-produced.

Having the following characteristics:

(1) Mining cnc computer setpoint control, according to customer requirements, enter the size directly in the computer or the graphics requirements, will be able to direct the production of special seal.

(2) computer-controlled automated xy two-dimensional or three-dimensional xyz jobs, can completely replace the manual placement die cutting ring, with seals, extruded and molded sealing ring, I would like in terms of cost, quality and appearance of products on We have absolute advantage.

(3) The industry does not need to store the washer, easy to manage and store.

(4) Since the open field the polyurethane pouring a small amount of seal density (specific gravity 0.2), light weight, so the production cost is lower than other gaskets.

(5) on-site pouring foam seal can be carried out at room temperature, the chemical reaction for its best performance regardless of the physical characteristics of the sealed, moisture, dust, noise, slow shock value, insulation and recent fully comply with ul / ce safety standard certification and mil-std-167 en50298 shockproof and waterproof and dustproof test.

Competitive Advantage:

A: from pouring reaction foam molding, laminating solid, good quality;

Two: PU material with excellent resilience, anti-aging, non-hardening, good sealing effect, etc;

Three: to save time, manpower, improve production efficiency;

Four: with automatic robots and mechanical bench, can achieve automatic production.