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pu foam machine perfusion pressure trace what benefits have

1, can balance between circulating pressure drums, injection pressure.


2, isolated from the air, mainly isolated from moisture in the air


3, so that the bucket full of material feed pump


4, when the pressure in the tank to help remove a lot of material scrap, while the need to solve sealing problems, otherwise feed air into the tank a little longer cause deterioration of raw materials, especially isocyanate esters are especially sensitive to water, as much as possible in a timely manner feeding out on time. You need to configure the drying apparatus tank, to prevent the impact of water on the material. In order to reduce energy consumption in general tank outermost layer of insulation installation.


Low-pressure foaming machine structural characteristics:


1, a good sandwich barrel, temperature effect.


2, PLC touch screen control panel, easy to use, operation of the machine at a glance.


3, the mixing head with new mixing means mixing. Low noise, durable.


4, import pump, accurate measurement.